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Luther's All-Inclusive Hanging and Wall Mounting Services in Crewe

Picture this. Every item fixed to your wall is perfectly level, safe and secure, whether it be a TV or small mirror. This doesn’t seem possible, but it is. That is of course if you use the specialist hanging and wall mounting services we provide throughout Crewe...

Reserve your appointment at any time of the day or night on 024 7735 2007, through this website’s chat facility, or via our booking form. And bear in mind, you’ll get a preliminary quote regardless of the option you choose to contact us!

Luther's Flexible Hanging and Wall Mounting Services in Crewe

  • Half and full day bookings: if you schedule one of these the cost of your hanging and wall mounting service in Crewe will be reduced
  • Fantastic cost reductions: available to you if you add a minimum of one other service to your booking – why not our furniture assembly or odd jobs?
  • Week-round operations: we don’t stop working just because it’s the weekend! You can hire us on Bank Holidays as well
  • One service that does-it-all: TVs, mirrors, shelves, paintings, and much more can be fixed to your walls during your session
  • Round-the-clock support: a customer care professional is ready and able to take your enquiry, and calculate an initial quote for you

What Can Be Done During Your Wall Mounting Service in Crewe?

It’s not just TVs that can be fitted during your wall mounting service in Crewe! Find out exactly what we can do for you below...

Got a curtain or blind that needs to be put up? Poles. Tracks. Rails. Drapes. Curtains. Your technician can hang them all. And what’s more, they can handle all types of blinds including venetian, roman, and more. These can be fitted on windows with or without a recess.

Want your technician to help with a picture or mirror? Small and large pictures. Photographs. Canvases. Whiteboards. Maps. Noticeboards. They can all be handled by your professional. And that’s not to mention their experience with illuminated, pivoting, swing arm, and other mirrors. We’re a one stop shop!

Require a shelf or TV fixed to your wall? Floating shelves. Spur shelving uprights and brackets. Mounted kitchen units. Your service can cover everything. And you can let your expert secure a set or bracket to your concrete, tile, masonry, or partitioned wall. It can be anything from 20” to 50” in size.

Hire Luther's Specialist Curtain and Blind Fitters in Crewe

The size or shape of the item you want to fix to your wall won’t matter to the curtain and blind fitters who are dispatched to your Crewe property – they’ve been specially trained to handle all types of items. Wondering how we can be so sure they’re properly qualified? Because before agreeing to work with them they were fully vetted and background checked. We also made sure they were dedicated enough to you that they would complete your service without taking a single break. And they are!